March 2022 has seen an expansion to the catchments in which new developments are required to demonstrate nutrient neutrality. The Norfolk Broads, Teesmouth, the River Meese (Staffs/ Leics) to name an few have joined the Solent, River Stour (Kent), the Hampshire Avon, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Somerset and Wales.

All these affected area’s have protected Natura 2000 sites comprising one or more of; Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Special protection area (SPA) or RAMSAR, that are failing their water quality targets for phosphorus or nitrogen, or both.

The purpose of nutrient neutrality is to prevent further deterioration of the protected waterbodies (rivers, estuaries, and lakes).

Nutrient Neutral is able to provide the required assessment, appraise and develop mitigation options.

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