Nutrient Neutral Assessment and
Mitigation Strategy (NNAMS)

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Nutrient Neutral has notable experience developed through working in every affected area in England and Wales. We are familiar with all the local methodologies and regional specific variables whether nitrogen or phosphorus sensitive, or both.

Initial calculations are undertaken to confirm the nutrient load generated by the proposed development. Alternatively, we can review the client’s estimate to validate the result. We aim to minimise the overall nutrient load, whilst working within the agreed methodologies.

Expert advice is then provided on the potential mitigation options to achieve neutrality. We work with clients to maximise their assets to generate mitigation whilst protecting the environment to implement, where possible, sustainable nature-based solutions.

Potential solutions include: new high-tech onsite sewage treatment, wetlands, rural and urban sustainable drainage, and agricultural based mitigations which include livestock yards and land use changes.

Once a solution is developed, a report is produced.



“We have used Sarah and her team on a number of schemes and found her to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

We would not hesitate to recommend Nutrient Neutral to our clients.”

Steven Longstaff

ELG Planning

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