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Regulations Assessment

Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRA) evaluate the potential impacts of a development project on protected species and habitats

These assessments are required for the planning and development process within nutrient neutral affected areas. If completed by a local authority they are referred to as Habitat Regulation Assessments; when undertaken by an applicant they are referred to as Shadow Habitat Regulation Assessments, which the local authority can choose to adopt.

Many local authorities are overwhelmed with the additional workload created by nutrient neutrality and welcome, or even request, a sHRA is submitted to expedite an application.

We offer Shadow Habitat Regulation Assessments as part of our nutrient neutrality service, where required.

The assessment considers a range of factors that may affect protected species and habitats. If an impact is identified, then mitigation solutions are provided. This includes any required management plan for mitigation solutions.


“Nutrient Neutral has helped develop innovative solutions to achieve nutrient neutrality at several sites; this includes a bespoke credit generation scheme. They have a sound understanding of all aspects of nutrient neutrality and are responsive and helpful.”

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