Onsite sewage treatment systems
and upgrades to generate credits

Selection of the best performing and most appropriate onsite sewage system can make the difference in neutrality being achieved or eliminating a residual requirement for mitigation.

Upgrading dated septic tanks or package treatment plants (PTPs) to a much higher performing system can generate sufficient credits to allow small developments to proceed. This is often a viable solution where a development is proposed in the curtilage of another dwelling with an existing system.

There is also an opportunity for larger developments, such as hotels or caravan parks, to generate a notable source of credits or generating one’s own credit bank through several upgrades.

We provide calculations and advice on the systems that can be installed and work with expert wastewater engineers to ensure the best and most suitable performing system is selected.

For larger developments of more than 100 units, it may be possible to consider a complete sewage treatment system that has very low levels of nutrient discharge. We have been working with a Dutch company on bringing their established system to the UK. This system separates black and grey water and treats the effluent through various processes so that the discharge effluent is of the same quality as rainwater.

We work with Ofwat registered sewerage undertakers that are willing to adopt such systems onsite. Location within the vicinity of the site circumnavigates the issues involved with connecting to mains sewers.



“Sarah and her team at Nutrient Neutral are our first port of call for external consultancy assistance with dealing with issues relating to phosphate / nitrate mitigation as part of the planning application process. Their expert guidance has assisted us to move forward sites (on behalf of our clients) that would otherwise have been stagnated. We highly recommend their services, and we will continue to work alongside them moving forwards.”

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