Nutrient Neutral Assessments

Nutrient Neutral undertakes the required Nutrient Neutrality Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (NNAMS). Over the past 2 years several regions have developed their oven methodology for the calculation of potential impacts and mitigation. Nutrient Neutral has an in depth understanding of all of these. However, a generic national methodology is being developed to simplify this process. There are some scenarios beyond the scope of the current methodology, and due to a strong background in agriculture and solid understanding of nitrogen and phosphorus in the environment, Nutrient Neutral is able to apply the best available scientific evidence to provide bespoke assessments and solutions.

Mitigation Options

Many local Planning Authorises (LPA’s) are working on strategic solutions to allow developers to purchase Nitrogen or Phosphorus credits, however these can take time. Nutrient Neutral has been able to help develop innovative mitigations solutions at different scales from single dwellings to 50+ developments. This has been achieved through wastewater treatment, wetland and agricultural based solutions.

Supportive technical advice

Nutrient Neutral can provide technical advice on the following issues/ subjects:

  • Wetland design calculations ( not engineering drawings though)
  • Lake restoration and dredging
  • Agricultural water management
  • Sediment trap design and construction
  • Water quality issues and improvements
  • Water quality monitoring and testing
  • Permit advice for works within watercourses