Nutrient Neutral’s origin

Sarah realised her long-term ambition of starting an environmental consultancy in 2021.

She had been involved with nutrient neutrality since 2019 and realised this was a big issue with few solutions. The original plan was to work freelance, but demand quickly outgrew the resource and the need for a consultancy dedicated solely to this area became apparent. Nutrient Neutral is a growing team of environmental consultants that work exclusively within nutrient neutrality. We are even building our own office at our Shropshire HQ to accommodate our team.

What makes us unique

We believe our in-depth understanding of the principles of the issues and methodologies allow us to develop solutions beyond the vision of many. We pride ourselves on finding options, both onsite and offsite, that are attuned/responsive to our clients’ needs.

With our understanding of agricultural production and land management we have been able to develop bespoke methodologies for nutrient credit generation. In addition, we are undertaking exciting research and development to address some potential long-term solutions to water quality.

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